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Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, and Hypnosis

Say goodbye to fears and anxietySince you’re on this page, you probably suffer from anxiety, or have some specific recurring fear that is keeping your from fully enjoying your life; “It doesn’t matter if you’re afraid of speaking in public, flying, taking an elevator, driving through tunnels, being in social situations, heights, having animals around you, being in open places, visits to the dentist, or if you experience (PTSD symptoms,) unexplained pain, or painful memories, flashbacks, or even continuous problems with sleeping and nightmares…

Because you’re not really afraid of flying, or public speaking or elevators or any of the other things I just mentioned! What you’re really afraid of is the feeling that you link to those situations. Deep down, when you step up to the podium, you know that the public is on your side; logically, you know that the plane you are boarding is not about to crash – still, your heart is pounding, you have sweaty palms, your shaking, and our breathing is superficial – and that’s exactly what you’re afraid of; the feeling in and of itself…

So I’d like you to think about this: “Imagine a person walking in the desert and suddenly that person sees a snake. His heart starts to race, he gets sweaty palms and a dry mouth, thoughts of crisis – of getting bitten begin to race through his mind. But then, that person takes a second look and suddenly realizes that what he thought was snake isn’t’ it’s a rope, and just as soon as that realization hits home; that it’s a rope and not a snake, the symptoms instantly vanish – the heart rate slows down, everything evens out; they just go away and the person probably couldn’t get afraid even if he tried. And all anxiety and phobic responses are really a version of that– a version of thinking that you see a snake and reacting as if it’s true when in reality, you just see a rope.

“And I can help you with that. Because – it’s not the situation, it’s the thinking, it’s the interpretation that really is the thing – but the thing is – the thinking that I’m talking about happens automatically – it’s unconscious, and it happens so fast that it’s extremely difficult to solve it with just positive thinking, logic and willpower. But with hypnosis and NLP, you easily can reach the automatic thought processes that I am talking about and work with them directly to rid yourself of those reactions and the feelings they cause.

It’s easier than you think. 85% of my clients have relief in two sessions or less.

So you’re afraid of being afraid; in other words, if you are afraid that that horrible feeling you had the last time you had on stage or the last time you got into an elevator or boarded a plane will appear again (and you are just plain sick of it), give me a call (at 561-600-5115). 85% of my clients notice a significant change in two sessions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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