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If you are looking for practical, proven tools and techniques that will bring lasting change to your life, then you have come to the right place.

At Solutions, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We realize that each and every person is completely unique and we utilize carefully chosen Hypnotic and NLP techniques on a highly individualized case-by-case basis to accomplish your objectives.

Whether you are interested in conquering fear or anxiety, eliminating some habit or behavior, improving performance, stopping anger, getting rid of useless pain or just improving your quality of life, the work we do here is all about getting the job done.

So if you are looking for a change, come on in, explore our site and Welcome!

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Hypnosis has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight and without food cravings. By hypnotically training the mind to make healthy choices, it’s easy to make the changes you desire and never look back. Call today and set into the new life that’s waiting for you with hypnosis and NLP!  more…


At Solutions, we have a 90% success rate! Our program is designed to help you quit, both physically and mentally as if you’d never smoked in the first place. Kick the cigarette habit. Call today and and take back control of your life. You’ll be glad you did!   more…


Is your anger out of control? Do you explode for nothing? Are you violent or on the edge of violence? Are you comfortable blaming other people for your outbursts, finding reasons why it’s okay to explode? Have you tried other kinds of counseling and found that nothing has changed?

Let us help you with that. At Solutions Hypnosis, we give you the tools and techniques to quickly neutralize this potentially catastrophic response pattern.

It’s easier than you think.
85% of my clients see results in 2 sessions or less.
No one should have to live with anger. Get a fresh start with Solutions Hypnosis. more…


Everyone has experienced fear. It’s just part of being human. And at times, fear can be your best friend,like when it gives you a timely heads-up on danger. But when that feeling moves in and starts to push you around, you can quickly find yourself in a very bad place. Hypnosis and NLP are the perfect tools to help naturally put those responses back where they belong. So whether your issue is very specific, or you suffer panic attacks, or you’re just tired of living under a constant cloud of anxiety, we can help.

85% of my clients see results in 2 sessions or less.
Call today, ditch that fear and take back control of your life. more…


Hypnosis and NLP are incredibly powerful effective modalities to give you exactly that “extra edge” you’ve been looking for:

Business – Boost Confidence and Motivation, Build Sales, Improve focus and follow-through.
Academic – Increase retention, Comprehension and Memory,
Athletic – Increase Motivation, Endurance, Strength and Concentration, Refine your Technique
Theater/Music – Conquer stage fright, Improve memory, Increase confidence, Perfect your Technique


Change, Improve, Meet Your Goals, Live Your Dreams
We will design a customized life coaching program to accomplish exactly that. In person sessions are combined with “at home” hypnotic recordings (included in the package)  to efficiently realize and then reinforce the desired end results. So whether you simply want to improve something that’s already working for you or begin a whole new chapter of your life, we can help. Call Solutions today and take that first step into the new world that’s waiting for you with hypnosis and NLP. more…


Most of what we do, we do by habit. Some habits can be incredibly useful (it’s good to brush your teeth); others, not so much. Some of these “bad” habits are clearly counter-productive (smoking, overeating, substance abuse, negative thinking). Then there are others that are more or less harmless, but can still drive you nuts. No matter which of these categories your particular habit falls into, your habits should work for you, not the other way around. Let Hypnosis and NLP put you back in control.

85% of my clients see results in 2 sessions or less.
Call today and and take back control of your life. more…


Pain can be your best friend or your worst enemy. 

Momentary pain is a critically important warning sign. It alerts you to pay attention when something is wrong in your body, when you have hurt yourself or when you are in danger of hurting yourself. But when pain serves no useful purpose (as most long term pain does not), it can quickly destroy your quality of life.

It’s important to understand that pain is an involuntary experience; it just happens automatically and unconsciously, so it’s very hard to alter the sensation of pain using simple willpower or forced positive thinking.

But because hypnosis works directly work with unconscious processes, the very processes that create that experience of pain in the first place, it allows us to steer those processes in a different direction and in the process, diminish or eliminate suffering.*

Are you suffering needlessly? Call today and take back control. more…

*Hypnotic pain relief requires a written doctor’s referral.


Take the Hypnosis Challenge


“Robert Dean’s methods for dealing with my anxiety have been extremely effective.  His techniques, combined with his unique ability to deliver messages has helped me understand the cause of my anxiety and create solutions to stop or minimize these events.  In addition to his effective techniques, he also provides you with the tools so that you can continue to manage whatever problems that you may encounter on your own in the future.  I would highly recommend Robert Dean to anybody as his approach to fixing your problems is very unique and very effective.  It just works!”
*individual results may vary

“I have been afflicted with anxiety from as far back as I can remember. Sometimes it was due to an event that I perceived as fearful and sometimes I just had an underlying feeling of fear and dread in general.

Recently a situation came into my life that was causing extreme anxiety as well as heart and gastrointestinal problems. I tried meditation, reading self-help books and a couple sessions with a therapist, but nothing seemed to help.

As a last resort, I considered hypnotherapy and contacted Robert Dean. Amazingly, in only three sessions, I have experienced relief not only from the anxiety, sleeplessness and physical symptoms, but knowledge of how to deal with these feelings, if and when they resurface.

Mr. Dean not only is an expert at his profession of hypnotherapy but is an extremely intelligent and caring person. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.”

Gloria… *Your results may vary

“I am honored to have worked with Robert. He masterfully facilitated the process of helping me to resolve multiple traumas and relieve accumulated stressors through the medium of hypnotherapy.

His skill in navigating subconscious and unconscious territory was remarkable, and his guided visualizations and supplemental materials were highly effective.

Robert’s spiritually calming voice, comprehensive knowledge of multiple healing modalities, and mellow, down-to-earth personality immediately put me at ease and set the stage for what proved to be multiple productive sessions.

It is without reservation that I recommend his professional services, especially to those seeking unique expertise and a refreshingly individualized treatment protocol.”

Blair F. Borders, MSW, Author,Certified NLP, Practitioner *Your result may vary


5 Star YELP Review for Anxiety Hypnosis

“I first consulted Robert Allen Dean about using hypnosis to control over-eating and weight loss. However, at the time of our first session, I was having daily IBS flare-ups with abdominal pain and diarrhea.

I experienced an overall feeling of malaise and had little energy or enthusiasm. I had been treated by two separate doctors, undergone numerous tests and procedures all to discover that there was no apparent physical cause for this illness. Through our sessions, we discovered that recent events impacting my stress levels had led to these flare-ups.

Through hypnosis I was able to control my stress, rid my body of tension, and deal with day to day stressors in a positive, productive manner. I am now off medication, the flare-ups have ceased, and I learned how to prevent recurrence. As an additional benefit, hypnosis has aided me in increasing my metabolism, embarking on a daily exercise program, and making me mindful of better food choices.

As a registered nurse, I have witnessed the power of the mind over the body. I now have first-hand experience of how hypnosis can enhance one’s life and teach you to use your energy forces to achieve your goals.”

 – *Your results may vary

P. Weaver, R.N.

Registered Nurse

Looking for evidence?  Here are just a few examples of the efficacy of hypnosis…


According to the American Health Magazine the findings are shown on the graph to the right. (*individual results may vary)

  • Psychologist after 600 sessions 38%
  • Behavior Therapy after 22 sessions 72%
  • Hypnosis after 6 session 93%

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  • Learn to manage stress, anxiety and fear using hypnosis
  • Improve test taking results with enhanced memory recall
  • Lose weight, control binge eating, fix bad habits
  • Stop smoking and kick the habit without cravings or drugs

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